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Brener Investigations Group’s asset investigators, Certified Fraud Examiners and private investigators provide assistance on legal cases with dedication and vigor. We are Court tested, detail orientated and professional asset investigators.  Our asset recovery investigations are successful because we understand the actions and patterns of bad debtors.  This comes from many years of experience chasing down bad debtors Asset Recovery Solutions and fraudsters in Florida and New York City.


Private Investigators collect evidence on all post-marital agreements, including Cohabitation, spousal support / maintenance and alimony.  We have the  ability to access resources unavailable to most, and in conjunction with properly executed surveillance and other evidence gathering techniques, we are able to provide our clients the necessary evidence to proceed with successful modifications in cases of child support, spousal support / maintenance and cohabitation agreements.

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Experienced private investigators using a multi-step approach, including surveillance, income verification, employment verification and asset investigation to address child support issues post and pre divorce.

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Our private investigators are skilled and very successful in conducting extensive searches for bank accounts, brokerage accounts, stocks, bonds, intellectual property, real estate, safe deposit boxes, automobiles, watercraft,  and aircraft.  Through years of experience, we understand that often times persistence is key in recovering judgments from debtors that have a history with defaulting.

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